“Yoga frees one from life’s sorrows and from the diseases and fluctuations of the mind. It gives serenity and composure, an inward unity amidst the diverse struggles of life…Yoga is a philosophy, a way of life, wherein art and science meet.” Geeta Iyengar

 Vinyasa  flow yoga,  Yoga Pilates fusion,  yoga for children and teenagers.

Leanne teaches a contemporary style of alignment based vinyasa yoga with strong roots in Anusara yoga. Her classes are “chaturanga” free, (but you can do it if you really want!) and so are accessible to everyone with a good level of general physical fitness. She also teaches yoga Pilates fusion; slow, controlled flowing movements performed with thoughtful awareness and stamina aimed at beginners, post-natal, those with back issues or recovering from an injury. As well as her public group classes, Leanne teaches one-to-one classes, corporate classes and is developing bringing yoga into schools. 



 “I am dedicated to helping others experience the many physical and emotional benefits of a regular mat-work exercise practice, be it yoga, Pilates or yogaPilates Fusion. Which ever style of class I am teaching the focus is coordinating the movements with the breath, with the primary aim to experience a sense of well-being and inner peace that is at the heart of all yoga practice. All classes are designed to bring balance to both body and mind.” Leanne


 Facebook: Leanne Yoga Norwich


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